Welcome to KMX Asia!

Born in Britain and unleashed on the world, KMX offers a new and exhilarating riding experience. High-performance designs meet maneuverability and comfort in this totally redesigned ride.

Ride With Us! Current Model - 5 for Adults and 2 for Kids

KMX Karts takes the inherent performance benefits of recumbent trike design to new levels of adrenaline-pumping cycling, with a refined style to satisfy any kind of rider. So ride different.

KMX is fast growing around the world as the way to enjoy cycling, or karting as we call it. Designed by a team of adventurous aerospace engineers, KMX provides a precise and more ergonomic way to ride. A low center of gravity, rear wheel stability, precision mechanics and comfortable cockpit combine to deliver a totally new feel and experience in riding. From the long touring ride to sprints or spins, KMX gives you total control and speed when you want it.

KMX Trike rental is now available at Cruise Tasik Putrajaya, Melaka Museum and Admiral Avillion Cove .

For inquiry on event games and activities, please call Tam 012-3985077.

Kids Series - Storm

Dirt flies as a KMX trike corners Welcome. Your ride is here.

it's exhilerating! I haven't had this much fun on wheels in a long time! mtnbikeriders.com